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Preventing Cavities

Preventing Cavities Cosmetic Dentist in Amherst, NY Free Consultation

Preventing Cavities We all know that regular brushing and flossing is crucial in maintaining optimal oral health. Despite being aware of this, cavities are still one of the most prevalent issues we address at our office. To help patients understand how to avoid cavities, we decided to provide tips on preventing cavities that are easy […]

Dental Treatment Costs

Dental Treatment Costs Amherst Dentist Free Consultations

Dental Treatment Costs If you are in need of seeing a dentist, you may be wondering about the dental treatment costs associated with the services you require. Here are six treatments provided by Dr. Douglas Hamill and the costs associated with them. At Douglas Hamill DDS, we want patients to know that putting off necessary […]

New Patient Special

New Patient Special Dentist in Buffalo, NY Douglas Hamill DDS

Douglas Hamill DDS, an experienced Amherst dentist has been helping Western New Yorker’s maintain their dental hygiene for over two decades. He prides himself on giving back to the community and helping others achieve optimal oral health. We understand that not everyone has dental insurance, and unfortunately many people put off necessary dental work because […]

Good Dental Habits for Kids

Good Dental Habits for Kids | Douglas Hamill DDS | Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Some children have a difficult time following a healthy oral hygiene routine. It can feel like a constant battle. If you are able to stick to a dental schedule for not only your children but for yourself, it can make your life a little bit easier. This can be one of the most effective ways […]

Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

What to Eat to Help Your Teeth

Your Oral Health and Your Diet  When talking about your oral health, the best medicine is prevention. Having crowns, fillings and professional teeth whitening can make your teeth brighter and stronger, it is much more beneficial in the long run to avoid cavities and staining to the best of your ability. You can do this by properly flossing, brushing […]

Prevent Cavities

Preventing Cavities | Preventative Dentistry | Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Learning to prevent cavities is a crucial step in anyone’s oral health care. While some individuals are more susceptible to cavities, Douglas Hamill DDS is here to guide you every step of the way. Douglas Hamill DDS not only helps you prevent cavities but he is also a preventative dentist and can help you prevent […]

Preventing Cavities During Halloween

Preventing Cavities During Halloween

Preventing Cavities During Halloween Halloween is a time for kids to indulge in their favorite sugary candies. Of the most popular candies, there is often sticky caramel and taffy that can result in sugar particles getting stuck in between their teeth. Preventing cavities during Halloween might seem like a difficult task as a parent, but […]

Pediatric Dentistry Facts

Pediatric Dentistry Facts Amherst Dentist Office Free Consultation

Pediatric Dentistry Facts When you’re worried about your child’s dental health, the best thing to do is bring them in to a trusted dentist. Especially when those teeth start to fall out and their adult teeth are growing in. Here are some pediatric dentistry facts. Pediatric Dentistry Facts | Regular Dentist Visits Our office recommends […]

Pediatric Dentistry Questions

Pediatric Dentistry Questions Buffalo NY Dentist Office

Pediatric Dentistry Questions As an adult, you usually know when you should get to the dentist. However, as a parent, you may not be as sure when to take your children. You may have a lot of questions about pediatric dentistry that you would like to have answered before you decide to take your child […]

The First Dental Appointment for New Patients

The First Dental Appointment for New Patients Dentist in Buffalo

As our practice has expanded, we have received many calls from new patients who wonder what they can expect from their first dental appointment at our office. We strive to accommodate each patient and treat her or him in a comfortable environment, so read on to learn more about what we offer to new and […]