Preventing Cavities During Halloween

Preventing Cavities During Halloween

Halloween is a time for kids to indulge in their favorite sugary candies. Of the most popular candies, there is often sticky caramel and taffy that can result in sugar particles getting stuck in between their teeth. Preventing cavities during Halloween might seem like a difficult task as a parent, but it is completely possible.

Preventing Cavities During Halloween | Candies to Avoid

If possible, steer your child away from candies and chocolates that have caramel or other similar ingredients that will leave their teeth coated in sugar. Those houses that pass out popcorn, pretzels, and toothbrushes don’t seem disappointing to you if you’re looking to avoid cavities. What happens when the sugar gets stuck between their teeth is that as it breaks down, it takes their healthy enamel with it.

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Preventing Cavities During Halloween | Tips for Your Child

If you know that your child is going to be eating candies that will put them at risk for cavities, encourage them to take precautions. At their Halloween party, tell them that if they are eating candy, it’s best to eat it with other foods so that they’re not eating pure sugar. Crunchy vegetables are a great way to clean the mouth. However, if they’re snacking on their candy while trick-or-treating and don’t have access to vegetables or a toothbrush, consider putting a water bottle in their bag. If they swish water through their mouth after eating candy, it helps prevent cavities.

Preventing Cavities During Halloween | The Aftermath

If this advice is coming too late for you, please feel free to call our office as soon as possible to get a free consultation or to schedule a cleaning for your child. It is important that, even if they ate a lot of things that are bad for their teeth, they keep their pearly whites clean. Call our Buffalo pediatric dentist today!

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