Dentist for Kids in Amherst, NY

Dentist for Kids in Amherst, NY

At Douglas Hamill DDS, we are happy to serve patients of all ages. We consider our patients part of our family and have served countless generations of families throughout our 25 years in practice. If you are looking for a dentist for kids, adults, or even grandparents, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know that cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases children suffer in the United States? According to the CDC, 1 in every 5 children aged 5-11 years have at least one untreated decayed tooth. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get your children in to see a dentist for kids during their developmental years to ensure a healthy mouth for years to come.

Whether it’s a routine exam and cleaning, or a serious issues causing pain and discomfort, we can identify the root of the problem and provide quality dentistry in a comfortable relaxing setting.

Routine Dental Visits

Dentist for Kids in Buffalo, NY Amherst Dentist Dr. Douglas Hamill DDSOur office recommends that children have their first visit to a dentist around the age of three but behavior is a key factor to whether this can be accomplished. If a child will sit still at the age of two, he or she can see a dentist then. We also recommend that parents informally examine their children’s mouths and look for potential issues such as broken teeth or dark spots. If any dental problems appear, parents should contact a dentist for kids immediately.

The timeline for baby teeth to fall out fluctuates based on the individual. The front teeth (the incisors) generally begin to fall out when a child reaches the age of five or six years. The back teeth, may fall out as early as the age of nine or as late as the onset puberty, around the same time as the second molars grow in. No matter how young or old your child is, Dr. Douglas Hamill and his 25 years of experience can help ensure your child’s oral health is properly maintained.

If you’re an adult, it’s important to schedule regular cleanings and checkups with your dentist every 6 months. As important as it is to see a dentist for kids during childhood and adolescence, daily maintenance of oral hygiene is the only barrier preventing infection and disease, the incidence of which rises steadily as we get older.

Aging teeth slowly lose much of their enamel, which weakens the teeth against plaque and bacteria, allowing cavities to form far more easily. Brushing and flossing morning and night will help to hinder tooth and gum disease from taking hold, but it is through direct attention from a dental health professional that any problems and conditions can be stopped in their tracks.

Dental sealants can be particularly effective in terms of preventing cavities. These are effectively seals that can be placed over the permanent teeth when they emerge. Dental sealants are recommended for children between the ages of six and 14. They last for several years, and the sealants can help to prevent cavities getting in the grooves of the teeth.

Schedule A Free Consultation With An Experienced Dentist for Kids

Dr. Douglas Hamill is an experienced dentist for kids, adults and even elderly patients. If you have any concerns about your oral health, or just want to schedule a routine checkup, please call our Amherst dentist for a free consultation.

Dr Douglas Hamill DDS has decades of experience caring for patients throughout Western New York and welcomes the opportunity to put a smile on your face. Contact us today.

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