What is a Partial Denture?

In the following educational dental video, Dr. Douglas Hamill explains replacing a section of missing teeth with a partial denture.

People with some remaining teeth often ask can I have a partial denture? And a partial denture is some teeth that do come in and out, but they’re attached to the remaining teeth with little little wires or clasps so that they stay in better than a full denture would. So you use the remaining teeth to help hold the new teeth and the advantage being it’s just easier to eat with a partial denture that’s attached and it’s stronger in the mouth.

So we do try to save as many teeth as we can because it’s better than having a full denture in terms of chewing and that kind of thing. If you’re interested in a partial denture, just call our office at 31 Maple and we’ll be willing to give you a free consult.

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