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Digital Dental Technology at Douglas Hamill DDS

In the following educational dental video, experienced Buffalo dentist Douglas Hamill DDS discusses the dental technology at his practice.

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Which types of new technologies do you have?

We have several new technologies at our office. Our digital X-ray emits far less radiation than a typical X-ray, and the scan is available immediately on a computer. Another unique instrument at our office is the Intra-Oral camera that we use to take photos of every patient’s teeth. Our patients are able to witness the progress of their teeth before, during, and after each operation.

Why do dentists need to take X-rays?

X-rays are essential to our care for our patients. There are many areas of the mouth, such as the space between the teeth and the bone, that are invisible or unnoticeable without the use of an X-ray. It is important to check for abscesses, hidden tooth decay, and similar chronic dental issues with X-ray scans.

Dental X-rays involve low doses of radiation, and digital X-rays reduce the amount of radiation even further. To illustrate, our digital X-ray scans emit the same amount of radiation as less than two minutes of exposure to sunlight.

Contact dedicated family dentist in Buffalo, Douglas Hamill DDS to schedule a consultation. He has over 25 years of experience in dentistry and prides himself on providing affordable dental care in a professional environment utilizing the latest in dental technology.

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