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How Often Should I be Visiting the Dentist in Buffalo?

In the following educational dental video, experienced Buffalo NY dentist Douglas Hamill DDS discusses the importance of visiting the dentist routinely.

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How often should you visit the dentist?

The frequency of visits should depend on the condition of the mouth. If a patient’s mouth is in good health, we recommend visits every six months. There are several signs that can occur that would cause a person to want to see a dentist: tooth sensitivity, broken teeth, bleeding gums. If the patient has a buildup of plaque or the beginning of gum disease, we would instead recommend checkups three months. When a more advanced gum disease is present, we may even recommend alternating visits every three months between our practice and a periodontist.

Why should you visit the dentist regularly?

If you do not have regular checkups with a dentist, much larger problems can occur. We like to catch things early. If a cavity develops, it is quicker and less expensive to treat it immediately. If a patient lets the cavity get to the nerve, a root canal and a crown may be needed.

Has it been awhile since the last time you visited the dentist? Contact Buffalo NY dentist Douglas Hamill DDS to schedule a consultation. He has over 25 years of experience in dentistry and prides himself on providing affordable dental care in a professional environment utilizing the latest in dental technology.

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