What is a Denture?

In the following educational dental video, Dr. Douglas Hamill explains the option of receiving full-mouth dentures that allow you to taste and speak naturally.

A denture is teeth that are actually made in a lab and they come in and out. So it’s usually done when you have no remaining teeth or you have to have the rest of your teeth removed. So it’s a way of giving you teeth without implants. So it’s a lot less expensive than doing a full mouth implant and you’ll still be able to smile. The disadvantage being they will come out.

You do have to take them out at night. They’re not like cemented in. That’s the disadvantage. But the advantage being it’d be less expensive than doing, like a full mouth of implants. And if you’re interested in the denture, just call our office at 31 Maple Road or come in for a free consult.

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