The Dental Crown Process

In the following educational dental video, Dr. Douglas Hamill discusses the process of salvaging damaged teeth utilizing dental crowns.

Patients come in, they want to know what what we need to do to do this dental crown. And first we get an X ray, make sure there’s no decay, because you want to make sure that all decay is removed. So we’ll prepare the tooth. It has to be decreased in size enough that when the crown goes over, it like a hat that’s the same size sized as a normal tooth. So we’ll prepare the tooth, we’ll take an impression, then we make a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it while the crown is being made.

Then you’ll come back a couple of weeks later, we’ll take the temporary off and put the permanent crown on. And it’s cemented on. And once it’s on there, it’s meant to stay for a long time. And if you were interested in a crown, just call our office at 31 Maple Road. Or we’d be willing to give you a free consult if you’re interested.

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