The Dental Bridge Process

In the following educational dental video, Dr. Douglas Hamill discusses the process of replacing missing teeth utilizing dental bridges.

So patients often come in and say, what do I need to do to have a bridge? And first we make sure the teeth on either side of the space are fine. And then we take a mold of the area. To make a temporary bridge, we reduce the teeth so the thickness of what the crowns on each have to have to be. So when you finish your bridge, you’ll end up with teeth the same size as you started.

And you’d be able to close your mouth normally. So first we prepare the teeth, we take an impression, we send the impression to a lab. And then we make a temporary bridge so you’ll have teeth right away. So if you’re interested in a bridge, you can call our office at 31 Maple Road. And we do offer free consults.

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