Partial Dentures in Buffalo, NY

Everything You Need to Know About Partial Dentures

Do you have missing teeth that are causing you stress in your daily life? Do you hide behind your lips and smile with a closed mouth in public or throughout pictures you’re in due to large gaps and missing teeth? If so, partial dentures may be a great solution for you. Unlike traditional full dentures, partial dentures interact with the viable teeth around them and fill in the gaps in your smile after partial tooth loss.

These types of dentures are made to click into place on the permanent teeth you have in order to be fully and properly secure. If you’re curious about anything relating to a partial denture, the following information will clarify everything you need to know about them. Still have questions after reading? Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Douglas Hamill today.

Types of Dentures

To correct large spaces or gaps in your teeth, partial dentures are a great option for you. There are two kinds of partial dentures that you may be able to receive as long as your dentist determines you qualify for them.

The first kind of partial dentures available are known as transitional partial dentures. These are made entirely of plastic and are typically used after a dentist has performed a dental extraction and most likely will be replaced with a dental implant.

The second type of partial dentures are known as removable partial dentures, otherwise known by its acronym of RPD’s. These are made of metal and are lighter and more comfortable for daily use. RPD’s appearance are less noticeable than transitional partial dentures.

Regardless of the type of dentures you receive, they are sure to provide you with a higher level of functionality and aesthetics than you currently have.

Process of Receiving Dentures

When you and your dentist have determined you are eligible and ready for partial dentures, the process for receiving them comes next. The process for receiving partial dentures may take an extended period of time because it will require multiple visits to get the fit appropriate. In one of your first appointments, your dentist will take impressions and make molds of the shape of your mouth and jaw.

These will then get sent to a dental laboratory where the actual dentures will be made. When your dentist gets them, he will administer them to you and request you wear them for some time to determine where adjustments are needed. They should be able to fit perfectly in your mouth without discomfort.

Now that you have your personalized set of partial dentures, you can enjoy life more, and finally eat that steak!

Benefits of Dentures

Compared to other treatment options like dental implants, partial dentures are less invasive and more beneficial than the other options could be. There are plenty of benefits associated with getting dentures.

First of all, they allow you to keep the viable teeth you have in place without needlessly extracting them. Additionally, they can allow you to have better oral function. This means you can eat foods you like easier than you can with gaps of missing teeth.

Lastly, partial dentures fill the gaps of missing teeth so your appearance can significantly improve. If you’re considering getting partials, it is important to consider how they will significantly benefit you in the future.

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The best place to head to first when considering dentures of any kind is your local dentist. Douglas Hamill DDS has been serving the Western New York community for over 20 years and can talk you through the procedure, benefits, and outcomes of receiving dentures. He has helped countless patients throughout WNY achieve the smile of their dreams.

If you have any questions or concerns about receiving your own personalized set of partial dentures, your we can help you understand everything involved. Don’t let gaps in your teeth hold you back and get yourself a pair of partial dentures!

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