Porcelain Veneers Cost

Are you struggling with discolored or chipped teeth? Is your self-confidence dwindling because of how your teeth look when you smile? Are these inhibiting the way you live your normal life? If so, consider talking to your dentist about the benefits of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers, like the name suggests, are made of porcelain and are custom shells that are used to protect a damaged or discolored tooth. They are beneficial for many different reasons and situations including but not limited to fixing misshaped teeth, worn down teeth, and even chipped and broken teeth. If you have questions about porcelain veneers cost, keep reading below to get the answers you need. If you still have questions after reading the information provided below, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Douglas Hamill for a free veneer consultation today.

When veneers are crafted in our office, they are made to match the color of your natural, surrounding teeth in order to show a seamless transition. When people have porcelain veneers, others often don’t even know it aside from their perfect smile. With a porcelain veneer, your functionality and aesthetic can be restored again. Because of our current economy and COVID-19, people are becoming more aware of the costs associated with oral health and other medical procedures. Porcelain veneers cost more than a general dentistry option but in the long run, they are well worth it due to their ability to permanently help boost your self-confidence, form and function. Keep reading to learn more.

Types of Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Cost | Douglas Hamill DDS | Chipped Teeth | Buffalo,NYBefore we discuss the cost of individual porcelain veneers, one must understand the difference between the veneers offered. The first form of veneer is called a traditional porcelain veneer. These are used for both cosmetic and functional benefits. A durable ceramic is used and placed over the existing tooth with little disruption of the natural surface. The second option is known as Lumineers. Lumineers is a brand of porcelain veneer and are typically used for more cosmetic reasons. These are thinner than a traditional veneer and give you even better results than the traditional form of porcelain veneers can. Now that you are familiar with the two forms of porcelain veneers offered, let’s discuss the costs.

Porcelain Veneers Cost

Depending on the form of porcelain veneer that you get, you should expect to pay different amounts due to the difference in preparation and durability. For example, a standard porcelain veneer is likely to cost you approximately $950 per dental veneer. This price covers the cost of formation and installation. With the Lumineers, you can prepare to spend slightly more money, around at least $1,050 per veneer.

This is because these are better for cosmetic purposes, and they last longer than traditional porcelain veneers. The longer lasting, better quality veneers are known to cost more money. Thankfully, depending on your condition and your insurance, your insurance company may be able to help you cover some or all of the Porcelain Veneers cost.

How Does The Procedure Work?

When you’re ready to get your porcelain veneers installed, expect to be at our dental office for around two hours. This is because the cementation often requires time, since the resin must heal and firm properly before you leave the office. When you first arrive, your dentist will likely give you a local anesthetic to numb the area. Then, the tooth will be buffed, giving the surface more grip and allowing the veneer to stick more effectively. Once completed, the veneer will be attached to the tooth with a type of cement composite and hardened with an ultraviolet light. After the procedure, you now have a permanent dental veneer in place.

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The best way to offset porcelain veneers cost is to maintain proper oral hygiene and dental care. This will ensure your teeth are strong and maintain proper coloration, ultimately allowing you to avoid the need for a dental veneer. If you do, though, end up needing one, Douglas Hamill DDS can talk you through the entire procedure and ensure you are familiar and comfortable with the entire process. If you are considering veneers, we advise patients to get their veneers as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the worse your dental condition could become.

Are you or a loved one interested in veneers but have concerns about porcelain veneers cost? Don’t let the cost prevent you for getting the smile of your dreams, we offer several payment plans, and accept care-credit with 0% interest. Call today to arrange your free consultation and learn if veneers are right for you.

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