Dental Concerns During Pregnancy

Mothers-to-be must ensure that they pay careful attention to their health, keep tabs on how they feel on a daily basis, avoid risks to health such as drinking alcohol, and seek medical care for any problems that may arise. Because dentists can use X-ray technology in their checkups and examinations of patients, a common concern among pregnant women is whether they should continue to receive dental care or if there are any dental concerns during pregnancy. In the video below, Buffalo dentist Douglas Hamill explains what pregnant women can expect while receiving dental care.

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Are There Any Dental Concerns During Pregnancy I Should Be Worried About?

Dental treatment is perfectly acceptable during pregnancy, though we recommend that pregnant women receive dental work during their second trimester. Before scheduling any visits to a dentist, it is important to check with your physician to make sure that dental work will not pose any risk to your health and the health of your baby. Most pregnant women are fit to go to the dentist, get their teeth cleaned, and even have fillings done.

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