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Dentistry is just as much of an art is it is a science. All dentists want what is best for their patients, and dental care is based on practitioners’ abilities to diagnose problems and brainstorm cost-effective and long-lasting solutions. However, there may be disagreement regarding the ideal procedure to take in order to solve an issue in a patient’s mouth. If a tooth is infected at its base and a root canal is needed, a dentist will have to create a dental crown to cover the hole in the tooth post-treatment, and the shape of that crown can vary substantially. If a tooth has fallen out, a dentist may recommend one of several types of dental bridges, a permanent dental implant, or even further tooth extractions to prepare the mouth for partial dentures. If a tooth is chipped or cracked, a dentist can choose to insert a filling, install a crown, or even place customized veneers. Each of these options has its respective benefits, but the costs of each treatment and procedure vary significantly, and because many dental treatments are irreversible, patients should be able to make informed decisions about their dental care.

This is where a free second opinion is important. Your primary dentist may try to convince you to fix a damaged tooth by allowing her or him to file down the tooth and then install a veneer. If you were to speak to another dentist, though, that dentist could inform you that only a minute amount of etching on the tooth’s surface would be required. A third dentist may advise you to forgo a veneer entirely, explaining that a crown or a filling could solve issues with the tooth. Before you pay out of pocket and ask your insurance company to subsidize permanent and potentially unnecessary treatments, you owe it to yourself to consult multiple practitioners.

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Whether it is to receive more information about recommended dental procedures or merely to compare prices, our team at Douglas Hamill DDS is ready and willing to provide a free second opinion. To our new patients, we offer a free consultation if they have already spoken with another dentist about how to fix an issue with one or more teeth. There is no obligation for you to continue with us as your new dental care providers after your consultation; though we would love to add you to our family of patients, we understand that the choice of whom you will ask to receive your dental treatment is yours and yours alone to make. For more information about what you can expect from a complimentary consultation at our office, please contact us soon so that we may begin to help you restore your smile.