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If you are embarrassed or ashamed of your smile, it can lead to decreased confidence and impact your overall quality of life. Don’t go another day without smiling, enhance your smile with porcelain veneers in Amherst, NY. Whether you are looking to achieve a subtle change or lifechanging transformation, Douglas Hamill DDS has the experience needed to ensure you achieve the flawless smile of your dreams! For over 20 years, Dr. Hamill has been custom crafting flawless smiles for patients in Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence and throughout Buffalo. We offer flexible financing options and free consultations to make dental veneers affordable on any budget.

Symmetry is a key component of the quality of a smile, with crooked teeth, gaps, discoloration, and cracks detracting from a smile’s cohesion and appeal. Malocclusion (a bad bite), uneven teeth, and similar issues can usually be fixed with braces, though this process frequently involves at least a year of regular orthodontic appointments and adjustments. With porcelain veneers in Amherst, NY you can achieve the smile of your dreams in a few short office visits.

What Are Veneers Made Of?

Porcelain Veneers in Amherst, NY Dental Veneers Douglas Hamill DDSVeneers are constructed from dental composite (a synthetic resin similar to hardened plastic) or porcelain, and prior to being placed on over the surfaces of teeth, they resemble translucent shells. To prepare your teeth for receiving veneers, we will apply an anesthetic and remove a small amount of enamel from the relevant teeth’s surfaces.

It may seem counterintuitive that a tooth must be slightly damaged in order to be perfected down the line, but the reality is that the exterior of a tooth is an inherently slippery surface. For a veneer to effectively adhere to a tooth, the exterior must be scored, just as an older roadway must be contoured before new asphalt can be poured on top. Temporary veneers may be available for use until the permanent veneers are designed and ready to apply. If you’re considering porcelain veneers in Amherst, give us a call and let our experience work for you.

Once we create an impression of your teeth, that impression is used to fashion a mold we use in constructing a veneer that will snugly fit around the exterior of every tooth for which a veneer has been requested. As soon as the veneers have been customized for your mouth, which typically accomplished between two weeks and a month after the initial procedure, you may schedule an appointment with Dr. Hamill to apply your new veneers.

During that appointment, we will adjust the veneer as needed in order to fit your tooth, spread a type of cement in the interior of the veneer, place the veneer around your tooth, and allow the cement to harden. The result is a polished and even smile, and it is your responsibility to maintain your veneers for their lifetime in your mouth.

Schedule A Free Consultation for Porcelain Veneers in Amherst, NY

We are always accepting new patients while still maintaining our high standards with our current clients. Whether you are a new patient, looking for a second opinion, or just have a question about your oral health, don’t hesitate to contact our office to arrange a free consultation.

Dr. Douglas Hamill offers several different options for porcelain veneers in Amherst, NY. Whether you are looking for traditional veneers, Lumineers, or perhaps interested in another of our cosmetic dentistry services, schedule a free consultation and let us help you get the answers you need to make an informed decision about your health and well-being. COVID won’t be around forever, and as soon as the masks come off, you’ll be able to show off your brand new smile! Give us a call today and let us put a smile on your face.

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