Fluoride Treatment FAQs

If you want to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible, you are likely going to be interested in having a fluoride treatment. Please keep reading to learn more about these treatments. The following answers several frequently asked questions about fluoride treatments. Give us a call when you are reading to set up an appointment!

Why Do I Need a Fluoride Treatment?

You might be interested in fluoride treatments if you want to improve your dental health.

Fluoride is a mineral. It is found naturally in many foods. It is also fortified into mouthwashes, toothpaste, and water.

The way your tooth enamel works is that it is constantly losing and gaining minerals. When you receive a fluoride treatment, you are putting in that mineral in an amount that is greater than you might be exposed to on a daily basis.

This can help fortify your teeth and strengthen your enamel to prevent things like cavities and eradicate the need for a root canal. You are essentially providing your teeth with a layer of protection from harmful things like acids and sugars.

How is a Fluoride Treatment Given?

Receiving fluoride treatments from your dentist can be as simple as them applying a substance like a gel to your teeth to fortify them with fluoride. It will sit on your tooth for a brief period before you can rinse.

You can reap the benefits of the treatment immediately afterward.

Sometimes a dentist can also prescribe you fluoride supplements that are in much higher amounts than over-the-counter products.

You can come in specially for this type of preventative treatment or it can be a part of a dental exam and cleaning. Either way, it is a relatively quick and comfortable treatment that is worth the effort gone to get it.

You just need to give us a call to set up the appointment.

How Often Do I Need a Fluoride Treatment?

The amounts of fluoride treatments needed can vary based on your age and needs. For children, they can greatly benefit from receiving up to four treatments per year.

Adults can also receive as little as two but as many as four fluoride treatments annually. It is important that you determine with your dentist how often you should need a fluoride treatment. It is deeply important that you care for your teeth so that you can avoid cavities and gingivitis.

If you find yourself in need of more than two treatments a year for your teeth, that is quite alright. The important thing is that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure that you have the best possible oral health that you can have.

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