Dental Implants in Amherst, NY

Are you looking to replace one or more missing teeth? Has chewing food become difficult? Are you embarrassed to smile? Don’t let a missing tooth affect your quality of life. Dental implants are the perfect solution to improve your smile, chewing ability, and quality of life. Now you can get affordable dental implants and the beautiful smile you deserve without breaking the bank! Act now, our dental implant special ends at the end of the month.

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    Free Implant Consultation



    During your free dental implant consultation, we will use our x-ray to determine if your jaw has adequate bone to hold the titanium posts.


    We create models of your mouth to determine where gaps / cracks are located, and take measurements to determine implant placement.


    We enlist the top oral surgeons in WNY and go over the implant procedure, answer any questions you have and schedule the surgical date.


    Surgical procedure is performed to place your new dental implants so they can fuse to the bone.


    We attach an abutment to the implant so we can attach the crown once the implant is fully fused.


    We attach the custom crown to your abutment and cement it permanently in place to match your natural teeth.

    Schedule Your Free Implant Consultation

    Dental Implant FAQ's

    Are dental implants noticeable?

    In most cases, dental implants blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth. They look so natural that the only way to ascertain which of an individual’s teeth was an implant would be by taking an X-ray.

    Installing a dental implant is essentially painless; our office administers a local anesthetic, and once the area has become numb, we place the implant in the space between the teeth. The site is usually sore for a few days after the operation, but our patients rarely report any ache or pain after that time.

    How much do dental implants cost?

    The biggest challenge with dental implants is the expense. Implants are often more expensive than a simple bridge is. Our office offers our patients payment plans, which can be adjusted based on financial need. More and more insurances are starting to cover dental implants, and we expect the cost of implants to decrease in the coming years.

    If you have questions about dental implants, or would like to schedule your regular check-up, please contact our Buffalo dental office and schedule an appointment today.