Who Needs Dental Work?

Taking care of your teeth involves more than brushing your teeth every day. When you have dental health issues, it is important that you seek a skilled Amherst dentist to provide you with the treatment that you need. To learn more about the dental work that we provide at our office, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the office. We provide free consultations with Dr. Hamill. Give us a call today.

Types of Dental Work for Dental Issues

We offer treatment for many dental issues, including cavities, chipped teeth, cracked teeth, knocked-out teeth, fractured roots, infections, abscesses, and much more.

We provide many different treatments to help in the restoration of our smiles. That includes treatments such as dental crowns, root canals, dental implants, fillings, and more.

We also offer preventative treatments, including oral examination, imaging, fluoride treatments, etc. This can help you avoid restorative work in the future.

We also can give you cosmetic dental care to provide you with a beautiful smile. Whether you want veneers, teeth whitening, or dental bonding, we can help you look your best.

If you need dental care, we urge you to reach out right away to set up an appointment. We even take emergency appointments.

What Dental Work Requires Sedation?

There are several options when it comes to dental sedation. The type of sedation offered to you will vary based on the type of treatment you need.

You may be given minimal sedation if the treatment you are receiving is not very invasive. This level of sedation keeps you awake and aware, but you have a relaxed sensation. The means for minimal sedation is often known as “laughing gas,” which is a notorious oxide that you inhale.

The next level of sedation also keeps you awake, but you may not have much memory of the dental treatment you are getting. This is going to be used for anxious patients getting a treatment that can be quite uncomfortable. You are likely going to get this treatment via oral medication such as Valium or Ativan.

You may be given general anesthesia that puts you completely out. This is typically reserved for invasive dental treatment and dental surgeries. There is a slightly higher risk associated with this type of sedation. It is not recommended for minor procedures.

Do Not Avoid Dental Work

When you avoid getting the dental care that you need, you are putting yourself at risk of them getting worse. When dental issues get worse, your treatment options can get more painful and expensive. It can also affect your overall health.

If you do not see a dentist when you need to, you run the risk of tooth abscess, which can cause fatal consequences. You are also at risk of your teeth falling out. Plus, when your teeth are causing pain and discomfort, it can be difficult to eat. That means you are likely to experience malnutrition.

The simplest solution is to see a dentist when you need to. Even better, you should see a dentist regularly, even when there is nothing wrong. By making dentist visits a regular part of your life, you reduce your risk of expensive and unpleasant issues.

Get a Free Consultation with Our Amherst Dentist

If you need dental work from a dentist that you can trust, please do not hesitate to reach out to us right away. We have been helping our community get the care that they need for many years. Do not wait to reach out to our office. We would be more than happy to get you set up with a free consultation with our Amherst dentist, Dr. Hamill, right away.

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