When and Why to See the Dentist

When and Why to See the Dentist

When and Why to See the Dentist

Are you wondering when and why to see the dentist? Our Amherst dentist Dr. Hamill talks about the importance to see a dentist and when you should schedule an appointment.

When and Why to See the Dentist | Importance of Visiting the Dentist

At Douglas Hamill DDS, our dental hygienists have over 20 years of experience. Recently, we have noticed an increase in people being concerned about the correlation of oral health to your overall health. People are finally starting to realize your teeth are related to your heart. In years past, the heart was never mentioned in relation to your teeth or oral health but due to recent studies, these connections have been observed.  We have noticed that people are getting health checkups on a much more on a regular basis, and when they do go to their doctor, they are being asked, “Are you seeing your dentist on a regular basis?”

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When and Why to See the Dentist | Seeing a Dentist if You’re Teeth Are Fine

You should see a dentist even if your teeth feel fine because you may not be aware of an underlying issue that we can help identify using the latest dental technology. If you are due for x-rays, we can locate tooth decay, cavities on the teeth, and other conditions that can be dealt with early on, before they become much bigger issues down the line. I have found that people who miss their appointment or do not want x-rays, will often end up with a much bigger problem in the future. Oftentimes these problems include needing a root canal or an extraction. Preventative care is why you go to the dentist even if you feel fine. When you visit the dentist and have your teeth cleaned, and x-rays performed, it’s a relieving feeling to know that you are healthy and doing everything you can to ensure your optimal oral health.

When and Why to See the Dentist | Frequency of Dentist Visits

For pediatric patients, we recommend being seen as early as their parents are comfortable with, but the ADA recommends visiting the dentist by your child’s first birthday, or six months after their first tooth becomes visible, whichever comes first. When children come in at that age, we focus our examination more so on the inside of the mouth, not so much the teeth. Dental disease is the most common chronic disease in children and our goal is to help educate their parents and improve the child’s oral health.

We always try to get young patients used to the dentist before there is a problem. For adults, you should come in at least every six months, and should be making your follow up appointments before you leave. Life is very fast, and everyone has too many things on their agendas, so it’s nice to have an appointment set up in advance. We accommodate evening appointments, early appointments, and lunch hour appointments to make it convenient for those with busy schedules. If you want to see a dentist, please call our office today for a free consultation!

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