Understanding What Causes Cavities

If you want a healthy smile, preventing dental issues is important. Part of a healthy smile is knowing what causes cavities and how you can avoid them. Please keep reading to learn more about what can cause a cavity. If you need dental care, please call our office as soon as you can. Our Amherst dentist offers free first consultations.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Cavities are primarily caused by bacteria in the mouth causing damage to the teeth. When you do not clean your mouth very well, you can leave bacteria behind in the mouth that is going to cause some damage. Poor brushing habits cause cavities. You should be aiming to give your teeth a very good clean every single time you brush your teeth. It is so important to thoroughly brush every tooth in your mouth if you want to avoid having a cavity. The better your oral care is at home, the less likely it is you will suffer cavities.

Eating Sticky or Sugary Foods

Foods that are hard to remove from your teeth are going to be the most likely to cause cavities. The biggest reason why sticky food causes cavities is that they are like to hide in the cracks and crevices of your mouth and sit on your enamel. This is going to be really bad if you eat these types of foods before going to bed and without brushing and flossing very well.

If you are going to eat these foods, you do need to make sure you clean your teeth really well so that the food doesn’t turn into harmful bacteria.

Avoiding the Dentist

While avoiding a dentist does not necessarily cause cavities, it can be the reason you struggle with cavities. When you see a dentist regularly, you are getting access to professional cleanings and fluoride treatments that can help prevent cavities.

If you think that you might have a dental issue such as a cavity and you avoid seeing a dentist, you can end up worse off. Cavities can turn into infections of your tooth’s root which can cause you to need a root canal or even cause you to lose your tooth. You should try to avoid these issues when you can.

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