Tooth Sensitivity

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

In the following educational dental video, experienced Buffalo dentist Douglas Hamill DDS discusses sensitive teeth, and what causes tooth sensitivity.

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Sensitivity in the teeth is noticeable when they are exposed to heat and cold or during biting. This sensitivity can develop when the dentin, which is the inner part of the tooth, is exposed. Brushing teeth too hard can result in the enamel or the cementum around the tooth wearing away. Sensitivity can also be indicative of a cavity, so you should consult your dentist if you begin to experience pain when eating hot or cold foods. Too much sensitivity can kill a nerve and cause a root canal.

How can tooth sensitivity be treated?

There are many causes of sensitive teeth. Mild sensitivity can be accommodated by using a toothpaste such as Sensodyne or Denquel, which are designed for sensitive teeth. If the sensitivity becomes more extensive, for example, due to a hole in the tooth, a bonded filling can help.

Do you have sensitive teeth, or experience tooth sensitivity when eating certain foods? Contact our experienced family dentist in Buffalo NY, Dr. Douglas Hamill to schedule a consultation. He has over 25 years of experience in dentistry and prides himself on providing affordable dental care in a professional environment utilizing the latest in dental technology.

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