How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost?

How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost?

Your teeth are arguably one of the most important features of your body. However, when you age or are in put in potentially dangerous circumstances, your teeth can begin decaying or can fall out. When this happens, you are often left with either missing or deteriorating teeth. Because the teeth are responsible for functionality and aesthetic value, missing teeth can harm day to day life and self-confidence. Thankfully, partial dentures may benefit you. Partial dentures are a set of either removable or fixed false teeth that mimic the look of your natural teeth. With partial dentures, you can restore your confidence and functionality with ease. Read more to know about how much do Partial Dentures cost?

Full vs Partial Dentures Cost

One of the most common questions that people have about dentures is the difference between full and partial dentures. Full dentures are often the most common form of dentures, as they act as a whole new set of teeth. These are ideal options for people who have severe tooth decay or have already lost the majority of their teeth.

On the other hand, partial dentures, as the name suggests, are only a piece of a set of dentures. This means that if you have only a few severely decayed or missing teeth, partial dentures can give you natural looking teeth without having to remove the rest of your secure ones.

Benefits of Partials

There are plenty of benefits to partial dentures and they come in different range of cost. For example, partial dentures allow you to eat easier, maintain your facial structures, prevent dental shift, and improve your self-confidence.

First, when you lose teeth, chewing and eating become difficult tasks. Because you can eat with partial dentures, you are increasing your oral functionality and can get back to eating your favorite foods with partial dentures.

Next, if you have missing teeth, your facial muscles can begin to sag and shift due to a lack of support. With partial dentures, you allow your face to maintain your natural muscle structure and also prevent other teeth from moving or shifting into the lost ones’ place.

Lastly, by receiving partial dentures, you can restore your smile, thus restoring your confidence.

Partial Dentures Procedure

The process of receiving partial dentures is fairly straightforward. To begin, your dentist will discuss your dental options with you and ensure you’re a good candidate for partial dentures.

Next, they will indicate whether any teeth need to be extracted depending on their strength, take a mold of your mouth, and send the mold to a dental lab to get crafted. When the partial dentures are created, you will be called in to check for fit and make adjustments as necessary.

Partial Dentures Cost

The cost of partial dentures varies depending on a variety of factors. The traditional factors that determine how much a set of partial dentures will cost include whether extractions are required or not, how many teeth need replacement, and the number of follow-up appointments necessary.

The more extractions, teeth, and visits required, the more money you’ll likely pay for your partial dentures. Additionally, geographic location and dentist notoriety can contribute to costs. On average, a person can expect to pay somewhere between $700 to $1,800.

Learn More About Partials

If you’re curious about whether you’re eligible for partial dentures or not, the first step is to reach out to a dentist who can talk you through the process of receiving partial dentures.

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