Harmful Dental Fashion Trends

Harmful Dental Fashion Trends

You might think that teeth whitening would be a popular form of harmful dental fashion trends, but that is actually a quite safe method for improving on your smile. Two of the worst things you can do for your oral health include oral piercings and teeth jewelry.

Harmful Dental Fashion Trends | Oral Piercings

Tongue piercings, Monroe piercings, and lip piercings are all very popular oral jewelry that people like to get done. There are countless ways to pierce your mouth, the most concerning one including a piercing that goes through your gums between your teeth.

These piercings not only will permanently change your mouth, but they can also cause permanent damage. You will most likely always have a hole in your cheek or tongue even after you take the piercing out. And these types of jewelry in particular are at a high risk of infection, especially if you don’t more precautions with your oral hygiene. We often see with tongue jewelry, people fidget with them in their mouth and often crack their teeth. Because of this piercing, you could be looking to get traumatic teeth treatment or even a root canal that you otherwise wouldn’t have needed.

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Harmful Dental Fashion Trends | Teeth Jewelry

A less popular, but still wide-spread trend is glued on gems to your teeth. Dentists advise against these less-permanent fashion trends because the glue that is used to adhere the jewels can absolutely ruin your enamel permanently. These gems only stay on for a month or so and they could result in permanent damage. Because of this erosion to the enamel, you’re at a heightened risk for tooth decay and infection. If you are thinking about getting this done to your teeth, consider the risk that you are putting your teeth at.

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