Getting Dentures

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Getting Dentures

If you are getting dentures, you may be having a lot of questions running through your mind. To ease your concerns, here are four things you should know about getting dentures.

Getting Dentures: What should I do if I need dentures?

If you feel that you need dentures, the first thing is to schedule a checkup with your dentist. If all your teeth are significantly infected with periodontal disease or extensive decay, you may be a strong candidate for dentures. However, teeth can be saved, and we prefer to try to save teeth before we consider replacing them.

Getting Dentures: Types of Dentures

There are two basic types of dentures: those with metal frames and those without. Dentures made of materials other than metal can be more cosmetically pleasing, but those made of metal are often more durable. There is not much pain involved in receiving dentures. Soreness can ensue if teeth must be extracted before a patient can be fit for dentures. If your new dentures create sore spots in your mouth, your dentist will have to relieve the spot that is causing the pain.

Dentures can be inserted during the same day as the removal of the diseased teeth. These dentures are called immediate dentures. However, this kind of denture often must be either relined or replaced as the tissues of the mouth heal and shrink.

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Getting Dentures: Caring for Dentures

It is not recommended to brush dentures. Most pharmacies sell over-the-counter solutions that will clean your dentures during an overnight soaking. It is inadvisable to sleep in dentures every night, as the teeth will need to soak in order for plaque and bacteria to be removed. Your oral tissues will also benefit from overnight exposure to air.

Whether you can eat normally depends on the fit of the dentures and how much bony ridge exists in your mouth. It is difficult when you are wearing dentures to chew as well as you could with your original teeth. For this reason, we always recommend trying to save the teeth, if at all possible. If your denture becomes loose and you are having trouble when you are eating or talking, it could be time to reline your denture.

Getting Dentures: Cost of Dentures

We try to keep the cost of dentures reasonable at our office. We do offer payment plans to help pay for them. Your dental insurance will likely cover part of the cost of dentures.

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