Dental Bridge Facts

Dental Bridge Facts Amherst Dentist Office Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Bridge Facts

If you are in need of a dental bridge, you may be wondering exactly what that treatment will be like and how they’re done. Dr. Hamill DDS has decades of experience as dentist and offers free consultations to new patients.

Dental Bridge Facts | The Treatment Process

These structures utilize the teeth on either side of a missing tooth to serve as the anchors for bridges, which are essentially groups of crowns all cast together. Dental bridges have fallen out of fashion lately, as implants have become more and more preferred.

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Dental Bridge Facts | How Long the Material Lasts

The material has been shown to last a long time. As with any filling, of course, the length that the bonding material lasts is dependent on both the area where the filling is placed and the size of the filling. Larger fillings require a crown to be installed on the outer surface. Smaller fillings have a duration resembling that of a silver filling, though dental bonding does not create the discoloration typical of silver fillings.

Dental Bridge Facts | Main Types of Dental Bridges

A fixed dental bridge is a bridge that is immovable; it is held in place using cement or screws, and only a dentist can remove this type of bridge. A cantilever bridge is a structure in which the false tooth is anchored to only one neighboring tooth. Another type of bridge that can be used is a resin-bonded bridge. These are not as strong as fixed and cantilever bridges, but they are both less expensive and not permanent. Unlike the two aforementioned bridges, which entail the filing of the teeth adjacent to the empty space in order to make room for the structure to be installed, resin-bonded bridges are put in place by inserting a false tooth with metal wings into the space. Then, your dentist will use resin to bond the wings to the adjacent teeth.

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