Dental Bonding Cost in Buffalo, NY

Dental Bonding Cost in Buffalo, NY

Pearly white teeth are a societal ideal – everybody wants them, but not many people have them naturally. Daily activities like drinking coffee or wine, or eating tomato-based foods or berries, or smoking can easily stain your teeth. Additionally, if you have poor dental hygiene habits and don’t effectively brush your teeth, these stains can last a lifetime as well as cause other various oral issues. Thankfully, for aesthetic purposes, dental bonding is a great solution for discolored or stained teeth. Additionally, dental bonding can fix misshaped or crooked teeth. If you have a cosmetic dental issue that you’d hope to fix with corrective dentistry, dental bonding may be the best route for you. Schedule a free consultation to learn your options and Dental Bonding Cost in Buffalo, NY!

Types of Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding is a broad term for a large range of subcategories of bonding. The common forms of dental bonding include adhesive bonding and direct composite bonding and there is variation in its cost. While they are similar in concept, their applications vary.

Adhesive bonding is less common than direct composite bonding because adhesive bonding uses an agent known as a dental etchant. Etchant is an acidic material used to remove the outermost layer of the surface of your tooth for bonding preparation.

Rather than adhesive bonding, direct composite bonding is more friendly to the teeth and uses a cement-like material of your similar tooth color to repair the tooth. Cracks and chips can be fixed, as well as discolorations and cavities.

Dental Bonding Process

When preparing for dental bonding, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into and also know the tooth bonding cost. If you’ve ever gotten a cavity filled before, the dental bonding process is quite similar. Prior to your bonding, your dentist will review your case to make sure you’re a candidate for the process.

This is done through examination of the teeth and gums. Once that is confirmed, the dentist will gently rough up the surface of your tooth and apply a conditioning liquid that helps the bonding material stick to your tooth. Then, the composite bonding material will be applied directly to the tooth, shaped, smoothed, and hardened with a blue light. The whole procedure should take between 30 minutes and an hour per tooth being bonded. Schedule a free consultation to get information about Dental Bonding Cost in Buffalo, NY.

Benefits of Tooth Bonding

Dental bonding is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your oral health. Dental bonding can be used to fix cracks or chips in teeth which could prevent cavities from forming and future decay, but it can also improve the visual look and appearance of your smile. Dental bonding is a very diverse process that can solve a wide range of tooth issues. Contact us today to learn more about benefits of bonding and Dental Bonding Cost in Buffalo, NY.

Tooth Bonding Cost

The cost of dental bonding varies depending on your location and individual circumstance. For example, if you are looking for dental bonding for cosmetic reasons versus for functionality, your insurance could decline coverage for the former. On average, a single tooth of dental bonding ranges between $350 and $800.

This number could be higher or lower dependent on your dentist’s reputation and experience as well as your geographic location. Some dental providers offer payment plans for dental procedures which is an important factor to look out for when choosing a dentist.

Schedule A Free Dental Bonding Consultation Today!

If you’re unhappy with the look or feel of your teeth, dental bonding may be a great option for you. It can help restore the aesthetic and function of your teeth. Douglas Hamill DDS is an experienced dentist who can answer all of your dental questions, especially related to dental bonding.

We offer our clients free consultations where we’ll review your case and determine the best treatment plan for you. For your free consultation, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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