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Gingivitis Treatment

Gingivitis Treatment | Buffalo Dentist | Gum Inflammation

One of the most common oral issues found in adults is directly related to their gums. This is a form of gum inflammation, more formally called gingivitis. Over half a million cases of gingivitis are found in the world yearly and solely relate to how individuals care for their oral hygiene. There are other issues, […]

Oral Health Care for Older Adults

Oral Health Care For Older Adults Buffalo Dentist Adult Dentistry

Oral Health Care for Older Adults As you age, your health begins to deteriorate more rapidly than it does for a younger individual. This is because your body has seen more and been in contact with more things that can cause potential harm. The body is not ageless, so signs of wear and tear are […]

Conditions that Cause Gum Discomfort

Conditions that Cause Gum Discomfort

Conditions that Cause Gum Discomfort Are you concerns because of gum pain that you can’t identify? You may be wondering what is going on. Here are some conditions that cause gum discomfort. Conditions that Cause Gum Discomfort | Bleeding Gums Seeing blood when you brush your teeth is often a signal that something is wrong […]

Oral Disease Issues

Oral Disease Issues Experienced Amherst Dentist Office

Oral Disease Issues Oral disease can be very scary. Having poor dental health may be making you worried. If you believe you have an oral disease, you should seek treatment. In the meantime, here are a few oral disease issues that our Amherst office can treat. Oral Disease Issues | Gum Disease Gum disease can […]