Benefits of Veneers

Benefits of Veneers

Benefits of Veneers

If you are considering improving your smile, you might be wondering what the benefits of veneers are. Our experienced family dentist explains these for you.

Benefits of Veneers | Cosmetic Dentistry

Symmetry is a key component of the quality of a smile, with crooked teeth, gaps, discoloration, and cracks threatening a smile’s cohesion and appeal. Malocclusion (an incorrect bite), uneven teeth, and similar issues can usually be fixed with braces, though this process frequently involves at least a year of regular orthodontic appointments and adjustments. Whereas there is no true substitute for comprehensive orthodontic work, veneers can nevertheless have a positive effect on a patient’s bite and the alignment of the teeth. Treatments such as teeth whitening can help to mitigate discoloration on the surfaces of teeth, but veneers are an alternative that far more rapidly disguises any sort of stain. Teeth can sustain chips, cracks, or fractures from blunt trauma, and these fissures provide a means for bacteria to enter the soft inner tissue of a tooth. Once these crevices are filled by dental work, a veneer can hide any remaining unevenness on the surface of teeth. Though orthodontic and dental treatments are still necessary for significant issues that can affect the well-being of teeth, veneers can make up for any lingering asymmetry after the teeth are rendered healthy.

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Benefits of Veneers | Cost and Durability

Porcelain veneers can last for years. The veneers that our office typically utilizes in our work with patients do come with a warranty of approximately five years, but the veneers can last longer. Veneers are quite stain-resistant. After several years, they might begin to develop minor stains, but they generally maintain their structure and color for some time. The cost of veneers ranges among dentists. Our office charges around $950 a veneer. If our patient chooses Lumineers, a more cosmetic option, the charge is closer to $1,050 per veneer, but because this option is longer-lasting, the higher cost can justify the duration. Porcelain veneers are sometimes covered by insurance.

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